EC Sim Hardware Pro SW "Basic" - Exclusive First Look

Shaun Cole On July 27, 2014
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EC Sim Hardware has for a long time been working on their new PRO Steering Wheel for PC sim racing.  We here at The Simpit were lucky enough to get our hands on a near completion prototype to test and preview.  The PRO SW is a professional grade steering wheel that is designed for race teams and super simulators and is being made available for sim racers.  This is a preview of their "basic" model prototype and certain aspects of the wheel are still to be changed.  Prior to this wheel EC Sim Hardware has been known for some of the best high end products for sim racing and that has us extremely excited about being able to try out this wheel.  In this preview we unbox the wheel and take a good look at all of its parts.  We then move on to assembly and mounting of the wheel to our rig and then finally some on track testing.  We finishing things up with our thoughts on the wheel in its prototype form.

Editorial Notes:
#1 There was a problem with our lighting in on set moments of this video.  We are aware of this problem, and will do our best to prevent this in the future.

#2 For a long time we have weighed the value of the un-boxing moment of new products.  Because of the unusual nature of this product we chose to do that here to capture the excitement of the first view.  We would really like to hear from you about this.

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Shaun Cole On 2014-08-18 02:26:31
Shaun Cole

For those of you who enjoyed the un boxing video and said so, I want you to know I was listening and form now on on certain products I will do the unboxing as its own video.  I recently did this for the Ricmotech Pro GT1 pedals.  

I like all of you agree, the unboxing is a fun experience and a big part of buying toys.


Shaun Cole On 2014-07-30 14:44:32
Shaun Cole

Well I am very glad to see that people are enjoying the unboxing portion of the show.  I really enjoy that moment and I have to admit I really still am that kid who gets so excited Christmas morning.  I am surprised that I can keep the box sealed long enough to set up the camera and lights.

Dave Mennaman On 2014-07-30 16:13:34
Dave Mennaman

I think, Shaun, that's why we all have the SIMPIT on our favorite list and joined as members. We share your "kid on Christmas morning" enthusiasm every time the UPS truck pulls up to the house and delivers that package. Everyone in the household knows they won't see you for a couple hours !


Tim Hansford On 2014-07-29 19:22:55
Tim Hansford

Wow Shaun! So now you're doing PORN?!!

...sorry, but I couldn't stop thinking that as I was watching this.

That wheel is nieeece.


Bernhard Z. On 2014-07-29 19:04:50
Bernhard Z.

Nice! It was fun to watch indeed. Very cool that you were able to get your hands on one of these. Keep up with the hardware reviews, they are great.


Karthik Pai Haradi On 2014-07-28 00:07:13
Karthik Pai Haradi

Nothing beats the joy of unboxing a product for the first timegrin


Sébastien TIXIER On 2014-07-27 21:03:40
Sébastien TIXIER

This look like same AC brushless servo motor I use for my high torque wheel, brand is Mige, chinese brand that make those nice AC Brushless servo motof.. Can't say if it's the 5N.m or 10N.m version, from its size, I'd guess it's the 5N.m version but I couldn't find any confirmation on the website.
Those AC Brushless are great because they don't have mechnical friction or cogging.
That's good more and more company are using  those motors smile


Krassi Petrov On 2014-07-27 20:29:24
Krassi Petrov

Woohhooo - awesome wheel!


Ellinor Ström On 2014-07-27 19:36:41
Ellinor Ström

Hihi, the unboxing was awesome fun! i was giggling alot, kid in a candy store yep indeed smile I like unboxings because it does show in a very direct way what you get. I do have to agree with one thing though there with this wheel for that kind of money even for the basic version  a pair of shifter paddles.. or atleast a sequential shifter, i mean c'mon.


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