Fuel for Thought by Shaun Cole - Endless Testing

Shaun Cole On June 4, 2014
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The Simpit presents some thoughts for the sake of argument or discussion.  This topic began as a conversation on the difference in feeling between real life racing and sim racing.  From there it expanded into the advantages that sim racing has over real life racing when it comes to lap times and perfection.

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Vicente Salas On 2014-09-05 10:20:50
Vicente Salas

It's great to see you back online. Lots of enthusiasm and great information here! Looking forward to what will come. All the best Shaun!


Gort Deverall On 2014-07-22 13:47:40
Gort Deverall

I, like so many others', was shocked and saddened when you left 'Inside Sim Racing'... as also, was Jessica. It felt like the end of an era. You guys were like our sim-racing-family. The show was --- organic, as opposed to just being a passionless icy-cold-technical-discourse, like so much other media, which (I'm sad to say) is what ISR seems to have become without you and Jessica's involvement and colourful input. Now you're back with all guns firing. Your love and enthusiasm for our hobby is an inspiration. In all the years of watching ISR I never heard you bad-mouth anyone, which in these cynical times is refreshing. Long may you continue to enthuse our psyche's to spend time and, ahem, money on our infectious pursuit.


Jimmy McGuire On 2014-06-09 02:14:47
Jimmy McGuire

I agree!  My friends and I had this very same conversation.  How cool is it to race the most famous tracks all across the world.  Exotic cars all within our reach!   Hit the same corner over and over and over again to try different approaches and speeds.  Perfecting each segment no matter how much time it takes.  Create our own Wow! Factors with spectacular crashes (I've always been able to walk away unscathed).  The biggest thing missing is the"fear" as you pointed out.  How far are we from hooking up a zapper that shocks us when we go over the line and wreck. Hahaha.  We'll be hesitant just like reaching for the toaster on those dry winter days when the static electricity crackles loudly when we get to close!  Hopefully no time soon.  I look forward to watching you grow this little community.  Your smile is infectious.  
Jimmy McGuire


Dave Mennaman On 2014-06-07 03:07:38
Dave Mennaman

Thanks for returning to the scene Shaun ! Your passion, enthusiasm, and perspectives were missed.    Already checking back daily for updates !

As for your latest piece, "Endless Testing", your commentary was right on and thought provoking. I readily agree with your thoughts about sim racer's ability to drive any car, anywhere, anytime - and what a vicarious privilege that is. I was especially thinking about the opportunity any motor sport sim affords us with respect to how true to life we want to make the driving experience - ie: assists. Competition is good and fun. But for me it doesn't always have to involve a race with others - it is enjoyable to simply test myself trying to drive authentically. 

With that said, I am hoping that your Driving School series will cover the heel and toe technique !

Welcome back,

Chad Brown On 2014-06-08 01:46:47
Chad Brown

I would like to see this as well. And not only the Heel and Toe technique, but also how to setup your pedals for the technique to be easiest to perform. I have tried it on my G27 in stock setup and found it difficult to consistantly apply break pressure and heel the gas.


Sam Sturino On 2014-06-05 23:44:46
Sam Sturino

Possibly the best Explanation of what the difference is from real life to Sim Racing!  
Always interesting and informative.

Keep Going SHAUN!!!


Uzair H On 2014-06-05 07:25:51
Uzair H

Some really cool thoughts Shaun, and nicely expressed. Thanks for sharing smile

I bet all of us wish we could race in real life, and in higher formulae, but since few of us are blessed with millions in money or tons of talent, sim racing is gift. The kit can be expensive up front, but as you describe the limitless tracktime means it is ultimately cheap for the entertainment provided.

Gotta say I am a huge fan of the Simpit now. I love the Driving School videos, really helpful to me as an amateur sim racer. Your conversational presentation style works very well and you can be sure I will be checking in often smile


Ellinor Ström On 2014-06-04 22:28:48
Ellinor Ström

Great thoughts Shaun! In sweden we have something we call "folkrace" which is basically old junkers cost basically nothing and it's the whole point of it. Most people can afford racing in it. Also health issues might stop people from ever getting a real life racing experience as in my case. I've done dirt bike racing in my youth but that is as far as i got smile ... But as you say tracks all around the world and so on. Sim racing is truely beautiful in that way, you meet and drive with and against people from all around the world and on tracks and with cars from all around the world. It is a great hobby.


Niel Hekkens On 2014-06-04 22:16:38
Niel Hekkens

Really great video! 


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