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Interview with Jay Ekkel of Simbin

Shaun Cole On September 2, 2014
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Simbin has for a long time been a fixture of the sim racing community as the makers of some of the most recognizable racing titles ever made.  GTR, GTR2, GT Legends, Race 07 and Raceroom are just some of those games.  Recently Simbin has been in the news with rumors of bankruptcy, closing up shop or some form of restructuring.  With that going on Shaun Cole of The Simpit was able to sit down via Skype with Jay Ekkel, the licencing manager for Simbin.  They talk about the company, its past, its future and a little bit of general sim racing talk.

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matthew arnold On 2014-09-03 13:43:00
matthew arnold

I was happy when i saw this in my sub box on youtube. It even spurred me to fire up R3E and DTMex again for a few hours smile


Tim Chitwood On 2014-09-03 00:38:15
Tim Chitwood

I am super stoked to hear they are doing the ADAC GT series. My biggest complaint is the complexity of setting up a wheel and now that I am running it triple screens. I would like to see better triple screen video and more fps. My other thing is looking forward to being able to assign the wheel buttons and my button boxes for adjustment on the fly. I own most of the cars and tracks outside of DTM already, but I am looking forward to the ADAC cars and tracks. For now I am just glad to hear they are spooling back up to full speed. 


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Dr Nys Dr Nys
I have to say i'm a combo driver - racer. I use no aids, heel & toë and use clutch UP AND DOWN shifts. But i'm also planning to get to my fullest potential at all costs, only "all cost" in my case means time. I'm currently overall P3 in advanced mazda's with 2 weeks left yet i'm very motivated to prove the "simracers (as in; as real as possible)" can be fast too. I still haven't done iracing for a year so i hope to get a podium this or next season (this season's already looking good) but i really got the hunger for that P1 overall. It'll take me time, lots of it, but it's not only the gamers (iracers with flippers and auto-i don't care what) that can compete for the podium. 

So to all who are still in doubt to go "full simulation" by doing heel&toe no aids; i say; Do it, way more pleasure from a good result if done the proper way!! And success!!

Topic: Shifting Shootout - Heel...View

Brandon Limkemann Brandon Limkemann
Great video. Enjoyed the cuts too. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on that rig. Awful squeaky, isn't it?

Topic: Simpit Raw - Full Race...View

Andreas Wagner Andreas Wagner
Hi Shaun,

great race and a good reaction in the first corner incident! I have a question: how do you get your wheel to show speed and gears? Do you use a special program for this or is this a specialty of the Carbon Formula Rim or the CSWBv2 (or both)?

Topic: Simpit Raw - Full Race...View

Ray Bernard Ray Bernard
Shaun, one thing I have found that helps on my sim rig where I have little room for a mouse and mouse pad is to use a roller ball mouse mounted on a Pedestal mount. I put it behind and outboard of my shifter enough I dont grab it shifting gears and it is always handy. Works for me!

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Ellinor Ström Ellinor Ström
Happy Birthday Simpit smile- Sorry i have not been able to be around for a while, internet issues and general mayhem!

Topic: The Simpit One Year...View