Lamborghini Coming To Assetto Corsa

Shaun Cole On December 31, 2014
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With the new year coming there is much anticipation of what is in store for all of us sim racers in the coming year.  Assetto Corsa made its release this year and by the end of 2014 had upgraded it to the 1.0 or final version.  And with that comes news for what is coming next year from Kunos.  Here is a recent press release that gives racers an idea of what to expect.  The only thing we dont know, is how much of an additional charge will the new content be?

KUNOS Simulazioni is really glad to welcome the new year announcing the new licensing agreement with Lamborghini Automobili, that will bring to Assetto Corsa gamers a selection of the most beautiful, powerful and iconic models of the prestigious Italian Car Manufacturer. With the addition of Lamborghini, Audi, Toyota, Nissan, Alfa Romeo, Ford and many other contents, Assetto Corsa will bring out the best selection of GT, sportcars and prototypes ever seen in a racing simulation. 
Marco Massarutto, Executive Producer at KUNOS Simulazioni, said: 
"Reproducing the cars of an iconic brand like Lamborghini Automobili is a huge honour for us, as well as a very important message to our fans: the decision to make such a huge investment after Assetto Corsa has been released, is the result of our strong believe in this project and in this community. It also means that in the mid future you can expect developments for Assetto Corsa that go well beyond the generic "additional contents".".
As said before, the version 1.0 of Assetto Corsa signifies not just the long-term achievement but also a new start. The devteam is already working on contents and features that are scheduled for release during 2015. Some of those have yet to be unveiled, but the staff is excited about them and confident that they will amaze AC gamers once again. Finally, with the inclusion of the Lamborghini license, about fifty additional cars officially licensed will be included in Assetto Corsa during 2015!
Gamers probably already know all about the first additional package as it is the most anticipated by the community, and surely they want to know more about it: the Dream pack, featuring the Nordschleife official circuit, for the first time fully based on Laserscan technology, will be a total blast! Their racing experience will be elevated to a brand new level. The production and testing of this package has required a huge work, resources and manpower, but the devteam is sure people will appreciate it, turn by turn, curb by curb.  Starting next week, KUNOS Simulazioni will share with all its fans the work in progress and the news about the state of completion of the track and the ten awesome cars included in the package, namely the Alfa Romeo's 4c, 155 DTM and GTA, the McLaren's P1 and F1 GTR, the Nissan GT-R Nismo 2014 GT3, the GM Corvette C7R GTE, the Mercedes 190 DTM and Sauber-C9 and the BMW M235iRacing VLN, also informing the community about pre-order, price and release date. 
Someone says that good things need time.  Thank you for your patience and your support, as always all our efforts are focused to improve your Assetto Corsa experience even more. 
Welcome, Lamborghini. Welcome, 2015!

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Tim Chitwood On 2014-12-31 18:32:26
Tim Chitwood

More is always better, I guess.


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