Oculus Rift Test Drive in Live For Speed

Shaun Cole On October 17, 2014
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In the gaming world there are few pieces of hardware with more hope or promise then the Oculus Rift.  The Oculus rift is a head mounted virtual reality display that creates a 3d environment that is perfect for gaming.  After a successful Kickstart launch they introduced the DK1 development kit for programmers to start making compatible with software.  A year later the DK2 was released and better graphics, a better display and headset and better overall performance.  The units were still only being sold to developers and keeping them out of the reach of the general public.

I was able to track down a Oculus Rift DK2 and take it on a test drive with Live For Speed in a F1 car.  This video captures some of my impressions while using Oculus in racing and to see if the technology holds up to the high demands of us racers.  I want to thank CXC Simulations for giving me access to their facility, their full motion simrig, and their Oculus Rift for this test drive.

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Paul Thompson On 2014-10-27 19:07:51
Paul Thompson

Shaun, honest question for you, I'm about to purchase a triple screen set up for my sim racing, but the Oculus Rift has got me holding off. At the moment, today, which would you have ?

Thanks for your honest answer.


Shaun Cole On 2014-10-22 15:19:46
Shaun Cole

I had so much fun with the Occulus rift and I want to mention a few thigns here real quick.  

The Occulus Rift DK2 is available for anyone to purchase.  They disclaim this heavily by saying it is intended to be used by developers to build integrate the rift into their programs.  This is also to protect the end user from expectations that would normally be associated with a product you purchase from a company, like warranty, long term support or that this version will even be compatable with future versions.  But to be very clear, anyone can buy this now for $350 if they want to try it our for themselves.

And to Benjamin, I have sent you an email, and thanks to you I will be doing a much more detailed review on multiple titles.  At this point Assetto Corsa and iRacing have become compatible.

Also I think back to when I first tried 3d from Nvidia.  I am a huge fan of that technology as well.  But what I remember is that there was a bit of a mental learning curve to using it well.  It takes time for your eyes and brain to get used to it.  WIth more laps or time on the technology it becomes second nature and you really start to see and feel the real effects.  I look forward to getting more time with the rift and seeing those same gains.

I also have had a few people queston the potential for motion sickness when using the rift.  Again I might have to compare it to what I have seen with 3d and I think the effect will be similar.  I have never had any issues with 3d or occulus when it comes to motion sickenss.  However, I have a couple of friends that for whatever reason do get sick from 3d vision.  I would assume they will have the same troubles with the rift.

More to come later in part 2.



Benjamin Worthen On 2014-10-21 17:53:16
Benjamin Worthen

Sean! This video is excellent! I live in L.A. and I'd be happy to lend you my DK2 for a more in-depth review. Especially now that iRacing and Assetto Corsa support are live. Really glad to see you got bit by the Rift bug and you're point is so valid - you really cannot begin to understand how cool it is until you try it! Although I'm guessing your note about the Rift not being available to everyone is in an effort not to send people into an experience that's not optimized and in some cases very frustrating as an early technology is working out it's kinks, it's actually incorrect information. Anyone with $350 can purchase a developer kit from the Oculus website. It's hands down the best fun I've had sim racing yet. The DK1 provided me with my best experience of all time - iRacing at Circuit Gilles Villneuve in the Radical SR8 - racing wheel to wheel with an opponent and could glance off to my right and see him as we went side by side through a chicane - then suddenly I flinch and look up as the two cars behind me had come together and one flipped over me!!! it was wild and I was THERE - inside the game as you say. This tech has so much potential. Let me know if you'd like to borrow my rift for a few weeks.



Tim Chitwood On 2014-10-21 17:22:26
Tim Chitwood

Oculus Rift is an exciting technology, but it does not yet fulfill my particular needs in Sim racing. I am glad to see that they now have the financial backing to continue developing their products. I recently went with the triple screens, but I am definitely keeping an eye on this company's product development. 


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Great review really broke it down. 

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While I can't imagine wanting an Hyundai interior, it is very well done and looks incredible. Well done.

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