Project Sim Racer: New Horizons - Star Mazda and Live Streaming - Episode 6

Shaun Cole On February 20, 2015
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After winning the division 5 championship in the Skip Barber Race Series, our rookie driver, Andreas Martin Mørch, looks to further his horizons in the world of sim racing with new cars.  Competing solely to gain iRating and experience, Andreas is now in a phase of pure, hard and focused practice before making the big leap into the pinnacle of motorsport simulations.  Watch as Andreas talks about his new adventures with this new car and his new team, SDC Motorsports, and learn how you can stay up to date with his career.

Project Sim Racer is an ongoing segment at The Simpit.  In these segments we work with a rookie sim racer on his quest to become a sim racing champion.

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Rusty Alford Rusty Alford
“Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.” 
― Vince Lombardi Jr.

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Andy Rohrer Andy Rohrer
Hey Shaun:

I was hoping to participate in the next race and on Simracing System it says it's at Fuji. Which version of Fuji should I download.


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Michael Baley Michael Baley
I am all signed up and ready to race in the Carrera Cup, except for one thing.  How do I obtain Road America?  I do not have it in AC as one of my tracks.  Where is it?

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Shane Robinson Shane Robinson
Great review, you've convinced me to buy one of these for my rigsmile

One question, do you think the mounting brackets could be inverted (and swapped left to right) to mount it from the top?

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Amedeo Magoni Amedeo Magoni
Hello Shaun!!!
VERY SORRY If I contact from here but I don't know other Solution!!!
Can you PLEASE reply me to thread here just under?


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