Racecore24 Brake Mod For The Fanatec Clubsport Pedals

Shaun Cole On March 18, 2017
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The Fanatec Clubsport pedals are one of the best pedals available to sim racers.  The Racecore24 brake mod is designed to get even more out of the Clubsport pedals.  The Racecore24 is a 3 piece mod and with one part you can increase the speed and accuracy of the load cell brake.  And with another part of the mod you can transform the pedals feel and movement to a Formula One type pedal.

In this video we cover all of the details of the Racecore24 brake mod and then go into the installation, setup and configuration of the pedal.  Then we go on to drive it and give you our opinions on the mod.

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Tim Chitwood On 2017-03-18 19:05:16
Tim Chitwood

Great review really broke it down. 


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Tim Chitwood Tim Chitwood
Great review really broke it down. 

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Aviev Akhmad Aviev Akhmad
Hi Shaun,

there are a lot of profle size in 80/20 inc, what profile size did you use on this demo? 1" would be stromg enought?


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Tim Chitwood Tim Chitwood
While I can't imagine wanting an Hyundai interior, it is very well done and looks incredible. Well done.

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Tim Chitwood Tim Chitwood
I like War Thunder, it has some real decent triple screen graphics and sound for flying the airplanes. I prefer the bombers at Arcade Battle rating, but some of the radial engined fighters are a lot of fun too. Other than that, I am an avaid truck driver driving a lot in American Truck Simulator and European Truck Simulator 2. They even have some really good multiplayer for both games, the ETS2 has a Winter mod built in, it looks like Winter with snow on everything and falling. Both games even have a short range "cb radio" that works in line of sight, you just set the microphone in the game and then it goes to a hot mike and people can hear you, but if you get out of sight, you can't hear each other. Now I wish other games would get the technology and incorporate it. 

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Scott Wennerstrom Scott Wennerstrom
Just received an email from Jon at BasherBoards. He days he has a prototype in the works that would allow you to use a shifter... Will have more on this as it becomes available

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