Rfactor 2 Formula Renault and Editorial by The Simpit

Shaun Cole On May 15, 2014
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At the end of the month Rfactor will be releasing a new version of Indy for all to drive.  To hold us over they have released some video of the Formula Renault 3.5 that is coming out next week.  This car will come with multiple real life paint jobs including that of Carlos Sainz Jr. and his Red Bull Renault.

Showing off this content also seemed like a good opportunity to try something different with the show.  Shaun finishes this piece of with an editorial of sort talking about the new business model that man sim companies are now using.  He talks about how it effects their audience and how we are effected in out beliefs of sims.

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Paul Tucker On 2014-05-19 17:19:08
Paul Tucker

great piece shaun, i only arrived on pc last year so iracing was out of the box amazing for me, ive enjoyed watching and being part of assetto corsa and its been fun recieving new content and updates every few weeks, my only experience with being a little dissapointed was raceroom, maybe it was because i tried it after iracing it just seemed a little flat, i also never had the know-how back then to dial it all in, i did this yesterday, and its very cool, i know jumping from sim to sim is never gonna help you to get fast but i'm just enjoying the driving and midpack racing so much i could't give a damn if i never won another race, we are in a good time for sim racing with all these guys upping their game, maybe i'll get rfactor2 this weekend too.


David Bentt On 2014-05-19 15:17:13
David Bentt

Having only started sim racing in 2012 off the back of rfactor I find even myself at times acting a little spoiled with the amount of content that was available at the time for the likes of rfactor 1 and the RACE series.
You could literally tour the world with almost every track available.
And with a much longer waiting period for mods from the next generation of sim titles, as they prove to be more difficult and more work due to the detail involved, you could put most negativity down to a lack of patience.

I for one refuse to act negatively and go back to my old titles touring the world time and time again :D


Steve Civic On 2014-05-18 05:17:23
Steve Civic

I think it comes back to what you didn't like or don't like about a particular sim. The things I don't like about Assetto Corsa are unlikely to change so I have very little interest in it. I have not tried it since before the multiplayer alpha release, I have not tried any of the community mods. I have very little interest in it for a number of reasons and now that I know about the grip hack I have even less interest in it because there is no level playing field. But that doesn't mean I will completely ignore it, after the final release I will no doubt check it out again. I'm also likely to use it to get my hotlapping Nordschleife fix in the future but at the moment I see the amount of time I spend on it being very limited.

Sometimes you don't even need to fire up a sim to know you will not like it, it might be the content, it might be the lack of a particular feature, it might be lots of little things that annoy you and it's easy to check if these things have been updated or are the same with a quick search which I often do. Community mods are a big factor for me, if a sim is light on specific content especially content that I am looking for and relies on community mods for that content then it's easy to go on youtube and watch a vid to see if it's even worth your time to try. That's one of the serious issues of RFactor for me, to me track accuracy is very important, for me tracks need to be accurate. I'm not talking about the level of accuracy iRacing goes to, I don't care if every detail you don't normally see is modelled accurately but the track itslf should be accurate and I also like the near track elements to be somewhat accurate. I just want it to be believable and if tracks I want are not close because they are poor community mods then that spoils the sim for me.

Another factor for me is iRacing gets so much right and in comparison the other sims are so far off what I'm looking for that they are disappointing and I'd rather spend my free time on iRacing. In the future I can see the possibility of that situation changing but at this time the only sim that I think could possibly have a chance at being interesting to me is Assetto Corsa. There are some great things about that sim and I know there will always be things that disappoint me but the biggest thing that seperates Assetto Corsa and iRacing is organised online racing and although the Alpha multiplayer has had a lot of negative feedback I'm certain most people have missed the potential of the booking system. The fact is that after multiplayer is sorted and they get their netcode right (fingers crossed) Kunos or a third party could easily add a plugin that creates a similar but improved version of iRacing's matchmaking systems and organised competition, the booking system once it is sorted is essential for this kind of feature to be added and although it's well beyond my expertise I don't see it as a difficult feature to add. Of course a similar to SR system would be much more difficult. So I can see potential in Assetto Corsa but at this stage nothing else is worth looking at IMO. 

Of course having shows like The Simpit are great because they help keep me updated with what's going on with other sims and when I here about a new feature here or on the iRacing forums I might give something another shot and check it out. For example I just quickly had a look online to see if RF2 was worth my time yet because of this video, nope.


Lowell Jewell On 2014-05-17 09:54:36
Lowell Jewell

Looking forward to those reviews Shaun! I also like this video and hope you'll do more. Your opinions matter in this community!

As for early releases, I'm not a fan. My time is limited, very limited, and I kinda miss the days of purchasing a finished product. iRacing however is my favorite as even in 2008, it was a solid sim with the online official series racing in place. The quarterly updates and new content have been great and I don't have to reconfigure everything each time. Once rFactor2 is a more "finished" product, I'll certainly be revisiting it. Same goes for Assetto Corsa. Again, I can't wait for your reviews of these two.


Niel Hekkens On 2014-05-17 08:54:27
Niel Hekkens

In my opinion there is a big difference in releasing a product early (Early acces on Steam or Betas) and keeping updating the game/sim, like iRacing usually does.

With the early acces of AC you would get an unfinished product where half of the features doesn't work. iRacing usually only releases new content or a new feature when it's finished (exceptions Tech Tracks and a bit the RUF). Personally I don't like beta's. In case of AC, you have to pay to be a beta tester. I think that's wrong.


Shaun Cole On 2014-05-16 15:30:45
Shaun Cole

I will be giving Rfactor 2 a new shake down this week.  I will follow it with Assetto Corsa, and Raceroom.  All of these sims my opinions were based on very early releases.


Gareth Hickling On 2014-05-16 05:37:33
Gareth Hickling

I agree with you Shaun,   I tried rF2 in it's infancy and did not like the sim too much.  It played no so great on my pc and just found it horrible to drive.     Now im back turning laps and I find it one of the sim I always go and have the odd race in.    Sims do take a long time to develop,  I still rememeber iRacing upon release.  No practice servers, no pitstops, flags ect ect.   This is what I keep telling haters of AC,  Give the sim time and it will have lots of these features. iRacing is well over 5 years old now.  Give AC that time and we should expect greatness!

Shawn Purdy On 2014-05-16 06:04:14
Shawn Purdy

Yeah I agree, When I first tried iracing back in BETA in 2008. I didn't think much of it. Then it got much better. Than Rf2 came out, and I kind of was disipointed. I need to give it a fair shake again soon hopefully. smile


Chad Brown On 2014-05-16 03:25:43
Chad Brown

Great video Shaun. i'm happy to see you active in online webvideos again. ive missed your reviews, commentary, and thoughts. As a new sim racer i have leaned on your videos, both new and old, to help in my career development. Keep up the good work. BTW, rF2 is by far my favorite sim of the ones i have tried.


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