Ricmotech Load Cell Mod For The T500RS Pedalset by The Simpit

Shaun Cole On May 23, 2014
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The Thrustmaster T500 is one of the most popular sim racing wheels on the market.  However it has always been plagued by a pedal set that leaves much to be desired, especially the brake pedal.  Ricmotech has made a Load Cell mod for this pedal set that will convert it from the potentiometer and distance measuring method of the stock pedal, over to a load cell that measures force instead.  The feeling is a much more realistic brake pedal.  In this review we talk about what is included in the kit, how the installation process goes and most importantly how it works

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William Broadfoot On 2014-05-31 18:10:21
William Broadfoot

Shaun any chance of doing a review on the G27/G25 Ricmotech loadcell mod?

Frank Rico On 2014-06-02 21:42:24
Frank Rico

I have just completed the first production units of version 2 of the LC27 load cell kit for the G25/G27 pedals. The new electronics supports PlayStation games and as such, improves compatability with PC titles as well. There is also a minor mechanical change as well. As soon as I am caught up building units for customer orders, I have one slated to ship to Shaun for review. Should be out to Shaun in the next 3 to 4 days.

Alan Dallas On 2014-06-16 06:08:11
Alan Dallas

Hey Frank,
 Any chance you may do a Load Cell brake mod for the Thrustmaster T3PA pedal set? I aquired a Thustmaster TX and will be ordering a T3PA Pedal set to replace the stock 2 pedal base the TX comes with. Thinking you may have a market for a Load cell mod on the T3PA if TM customers are willing to shell out for an addition pedal set. smile I know I would.

William Broadfoot On 2014-06-03 06:43:45
William Broadfoot

Thanks Frank...like'n the PlayStation support, even though most all my racing is on the PC .

Andre Saunders On 2014-05-29 00:42:20
Andre Saunders

Hi Thanks for this reveiw as it made me find out that ricmotech is here if Florida. anyway I was going to build my own and I think the price is really priced really well as if you price it all you will see that Frank is offereing a really nice deal on this upgrade and he also warranties it too so if you take all that into account the price is really not that bad.

Its the end of the month and I wish I didnt have to work these long hours but I will try my best to install the Ricmotech t500 mod and leave feedback



Joe Renn On 2014-05-27 10:55:36
Joe Renn

Way in a past life you did a review on the G27 perfect pedal, between that and this Ricmotech mod which do you like better?



Shaun Cole On 2014-05-24 16:32:13
Shaun Cole

That is a great question. ,I agree with you that the Bodin mod is a nice upgrade when compared to the stock pedals. ,I ran that mod happily over the stock configuration for quite some time.

Head to head, I prefer this mod. ,And the reason why is the overall travel and the nice secondary resistance that comes into play on the ricmotech.,

I hope that clarifies it a bit.,

John Bodin On 2015-10-21 18:55:58
John Bodin

Hey, Shaun -- if you'd like to get your hands on another BLC-T500 Load Cell Mod from Bodin Solutions to do a full head-to-head comparison, I can get you set up with one.  I can appreciate that Ricmotech's solution probably offers a more elegant solution when it comes to overall pedal travel and feel, but it might be interesting to factor in things like cost, ease of installation, overall performance differences and such in a head-to-head manner.

Also, I will soon be releasing a BLC-T3PA Load Cell Mod for the Thrustmaster T3PA (non-Pro) pedals which should offer a significant improvement over the conical brake mod for those pedals.  If you have a set of T3PA pedals on-hand and would be interested in testing/reviewing the BLC-T3PA Load Cell Mod, let me know on that as well. 



Jack Roussy On 2014-05-24 14:14:25
Jack Roussy

Hi Shaun.
How would you compare the Ricmotech loadcell mod to the Bodin loadcell mod for the T500 brake pedal.
I do have the Bodin mod and am very pleased with it. The unfortunate part is both are kind of pricey.
But it's a great way to make a decent set of pedals so much better.


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