The Crew racks up multiple awards from E3

Shaun Cole On July 5, 2014
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This years E3 provided a handful of racing games and sims but this years selections definately lead towards simcade type games.  Each one comes in a different level of sim vs arcade but of all of the selections The Crew leaned the closest to arcade style racer.  With that in mind The Crew is also one of the most anticipated racing games on the way.  It utiliises open world technology mixed with some sim type physics and wraps it in a box nicely with great graphics.

Well at E3 this year The Crew and their team racked up plenty of Nominations, and in the end they won several awards.  Here is a list of the accomplishments of The Crew from E3 2014

The Crew was nominated and awarded in several categories.

Game Critics Awards - Best Racing Game
IGN - Best Racing Game
Coca Cola Gaming Zone / - Best Racing Game
Crave Online - Best Racing Game
Game Chronicles - Best Racing Game
Tom's Guide - Best Racing Game
YSUG - Best Racing Game
YSUG - Best Social Game

Destructoid - Best Racing Game
Destructoid - Community Choice Award - Best Racing Game
Fun and Serious Game Festival - 2014 Best Of
Gamerspack - Choice of the Pack - Racing
Gaming Trend - Choice of the Pack - Racing
Hardcore Gamer - Best of E3 2014
Hardcore Gamer - Best Racing Game
The Escapist - Best of E3 2014

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Dino Arellano Dino Arellano
Hey man. Love your style and input on all your reviews. I have a question: my rig is fo the ps4, it has the thrustmaster t300 Alcántara edition, the fanatec clubsport v3 pedals, the cpx adapter from Basherboards, and I am looking forward to get this fanate shifter. You said that I could connect this shifter directly to the pedals via a USB cable. My question is: is that setup only for pc or will it work with the setup I provided above? 

Thanks very much for your answer. I wouldn't wanna have to conform with the th8 because a misunderstanding of compatibility, and missing out on the fanatec Choice. 

Thanks a bunch! 

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Tim Chitwood Tim Chitwood
Okay 20 minutes is too short. Make the races an hour. Can you make it w/o pitting? I don't know, but with or w/o pitting it would be fun.

Topic: Sim Racing System - Race...View

Tony Reynolds Tony Reynolds
Thanks for the breakdown of your driving next to the best of your race. This comparison was an eye opener to how I should be driving compared to how I am actually driving.  You keep referring to trail breaking I'm relatively new to this new IRacing,(was an original owner of the first Nascar and had spend hours upon hours doing it.)  And I just don't get how it helps or hurts your racing style, I'll keep watching thanks for the video's and keep going fast. Tony

Topic: Race Week #2 - iRacing...View

Tim Chitwood Tim Chitwood
Great review really broke it down. 

Topic: Racecore24 Brake Mod For...View

Aviev Akhmad Aviev Akhmad
Hi Shaun,

there are a lot of profle size in 80/20 inc, what profile size did you use on this demo? 1" would be stromg enought?


Topic: DIY - 80/20 Triple Monitor...View