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Shaun Cole On January 5, 2017
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Every once in a while we get a chance for a sim racers to make us all look good by getting to compete in real world racing events against the pros.  We now have a chance once again to get a sim racers one of these opportunities.

The ROC, Race of Champions is a racing event that puts the biggest racing names against each other in a series of disciplines that they do not normally compete in.  By the end a champion is crowned.  

For the last few years they have had The "Roc Factor", where the public can vote in a chosen amateur racer to compete in the competition.  We the sim racing community rallied together and got Des Foley, a known sim racer and amateur real life racer into the competition.

We now have that opportunity once again but we do not have much time.  Glenn Mcgee a friend of the show and proven sim racer has been nominated for the ROC Factor.  I am urging you all to vote for him and once again get a sim racer into this competition.

Please vote for Glenn McGee by going to the ROC Factor voting page on facebook here:

To see more information on this great event go to the ROC:Race of Champions website here:

Here is a copy of the ROC promotional video for this years event:



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Tim Chitwood Tim Chitwood
Great review really broke it down. 

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Aviev Akhmad Aviev Akhmad
Hi Shaun,

there are a lot of profle size in 80/20 inc, what profile size did you use on this demo? 1" would be stromg enought?


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Tim Chitwood Tim Chitwood
While I can't imagine wanting an Hyundai interior, it is very well done and looks incredible. Well done.

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Tim Chitwood Tim Chitwood
I like War Thunder, it has some real decent triple screen graphics and sound for flying the airplanes. I prefer the bombers at Arcade Battle rating, but some of the radial engined fighters are a lot of fun too. Other than that, I am an avaid truck driver driving a lot in American Truck Simulator and European Truck Simulator 2. They even have some really good multiplayer for both games, the ETS2 has a Winter mod built in, it looks like Winter with snow on everything and falling. Both games even have a short range "cb radio" that works in line of sight, you just set the microphone in the game and then it goes to a hot mike and people can hear you, but if you get out of sight, you can't hear each other. Now I wish other games would get the technology and incorporate it. 

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Scott Wennerstrom Scott Wennerstrom
Just received an email from Jon at BasherBoards. He days he has a prototype in the works that would allow you to use a shifter... Will have more on this as it becomes available

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