The Simpit Driving School - Acceleration and Braking

Shaun Cole On June 4, 2014
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This is The Simpit Driving School Lesson 2.  This lesson is all about accelerating the vehicle at maximum speeds as well as threshold braking.  Some people think that you just slam the gas pedal to the ground to get the car going, but there are things you can do to even maximize your starts and you corner exits.  We also go into great detail about braking focus on threshold braking and getting your car stopped in the shortest amount of distance safely.

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Raul Daniel On 2015-02-19 04:35:14
Raul Daniel

Everyone knows this, but I personaly can't resist but start by spining the tires quite a bit. raspberry


Mr. Pitt On 2014-12-21 21:57:09
Mr. Pitt

My wheel shows up tomorrow, Im looking forward to getting into sim racing and these videos will definitely help. Especially this one, Ive always struggled with braking.


Luca Guccione On 2014-12-12 21:13:48
Luca Guccione

Thank you for your lessons Shaun. It's very helpfull for a noob in sim racing like me.
Keep the good work on!


Frank Rico On 2014-06-08 23:35:32
Frank Rico

Shaun, you mentioned about using engine braking to help slow down the car as an advanced method. I have always been taught not to use engine braking to assist with the brakes. The theory is engine braking is inprecise since it can vary based on engine RPM and since it only affects the drive wheels it effectively changes your brake bias. I have always been taught that the brakes are more than capable of slowing the car fast enough and they can be precisely controlled with the pedal and brake bias adjustments. Can you provide an instance where using engine braking can provide an advantage. Thanks.

Markus Maier On 2014-06-13 08:26:42
Markus Maier

@Frank: In a rearwheel driven car with sufficient brake power (i.e. where tyres are the limiting factor) engine brake shifts the brake balance to the rear and thus increases straight line braking capability. 

Of course if your brakes are broken or just bad, you can use the engine to slow down the car like you do in a streetcar.


Christien Hoogveld On 2014-06-06 06:35:21
Christien Hoogveld

I'm going to try and listen more carefully for the grinding sound. Thanks for the leason!


Chad Brown On 2014-06-05 04:41:09
Chad Brown

The breaking portion of the lesson got me thinking about my G27 pedal setup and how the stock spring is not enough to give a good sense of how much break is being applied. I have thought about getting a second spring, or a silicone insert to give a progressive breaking feel. But once this is done how do you setup the breaks in the profiler to show that change in the throw distance and make it match the first portion of the multi stage break system. A tutorial on that type of setup, or a general G27/T500 setup guide would be great. Thanks for all the hard work you are doing Shaun. It is much apprecieated.


Tim Chitwood On 2014-06-04 18:40:11
Tim Chitwood

I am glad you are giving us a slightly different approach to the inner workings of driving. Funny how you can pick up on things you are doing wrong by watching someone else. Looking forward to watching more or your videos. 


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